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The Assets You Want

The Assets You Want

Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices, ETFs & Permissionless Listings for much more to come
Blazing Speeds

Blazing Speeds

Experience blazing-fast transactions with Layer-2 Optimistic-Rollups & no gas fees
Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety

Enjoy the privacy & safety of decentralization while keeping control of your funds

Experience seamless trading with RubyDex's Linear Perpetual Contracts, offering diverse exposure to a wide range of assets with no expiration dates.

Settlement Currency

Effortlessly trade using USDT, automatically converted from all deposits.

1000x Leverage

Unlock maximum profit potential with enhanced trading power

1000+ Listings

Discover an unparalleled selection of assets, from cryptocurrencies to stocks, exclusive to our platform.

Audited and Verified

By leading Web 3.0 security firms

Our Journey Forward: The RubyDex Roadmap

The RubyDex Mainnet Launched on January 20, 2023 - Explore Key Milestones and Exciting Developments in Our Ongoing Quest to Revolutionize Decentralized Trading
  • 2022.9
    RubyDex Founded
  • Demo Launched
  • 2023.Q1
    Launched Mainet and Listed Crypto & Forex Contracts
  • Add Multi-Chain Support and List Crypto Index Contracts
  • 2023.Q3
    Release Mobile App and List Stock and Stock Index Contracts
  • List Commondity Contracts